JCB 1CXT: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

JCB 1CXT Skid Steer Backhoe Loader

Why all the hullabaloo about the JCB 1CXT?

Simply put, it’s the most versatile, nimble compact machine perfect for any application. And even better, you’ll save money by buying one machine that does the job of two. Although it’s new to the U.S., Europeans and Australians have been using it – and singing its praises – for a while now.

The 1CXT skid steer backhoe loader is the latest in a long line of JCB world firsts. The 1CXT boasts a choice of wheels or tracks, and is the best machine for total productivity and versatility on any site. In addition, if you already have a skid steer, this machine’s universal quickhitch will allow you to reuse existing attachments.

Size and Capability Perfect for Even the Most Confined Space

Operators are finding they can use this machine in places bigger machines just can’t go. Underground car parking lots, wooded areas with narrow spaces between the trees, congested job sites. They can even dig next to a wall or fence, thanks to the side shift. Skid steer maneuverability, narrow footprint and a low cab height means greater access for getting the work done

The dimensions are compact because the backhoe unit is integrated with the machine. It folds away well within the machine’s overall footprint, making transport and site travel easy and safe. It handles beautifully on uneven terrain and in confined spaces , thanks to a well-engineered combination of high ground clearance and an excellent turning circle.

The 1CXT Is A Digging Monster

Independent stabilizers and high ground clearance ensure a stable operating platform. And can it dig!1CX digging next to foundation

Need to park the machine in one spot and dig a square hole? No problem. In fact, for square hole-digging the side shift perfectly lines up the excavator to the work. No need to reposition the whole machine. And when you’ve got a tight work space, or a lot of other machines constantly on the job site , this feature can really speed your work along. And, of course, it offers greater operator safety.

The optional loader arms and an extending dipper option add up to a full 20 inches, providing maximum dig depth of 10 feet. This dig depth, along with the 1CXT’s excellent visibility, also make the 1CXT the right machine for trenching.

New Power Management System

A new Power Management System improves performance, reducing engine lug-down as the machine starts to dig. And it increases power when driving into a pile with the front bucket. The engine runs at 50HP. You’ll have a maximum front load height of 8’ 4”, and maximum loader life capacity of just over 1,300 lobs.

Unexpected Flexibility

JCB is know for bringing world firsts to the construction industry. The 1CXT skid steer backhoe is the latest, offering a choice of wheels or tracks for total productivity and versatility on any site. And if you already have a skid steer, this machine’s universal quick hitch will allow you to reuse existing attachments.

Changing Attachments is Easy

The 1CXT is a backhoe loader, skid steer and a forklift, all in one compact, handy machine. With the front end of a skid steer loader and the excavator arm of a mini at your disposal, you can now do two jobs without changing attachments. You’ll save time and money with this machine. The versatile 6-in-1 front bucket works for digging, dozing, grading, scraping, lifting and loading. But when you do need to change to forks, it takes less than a minute to switch the attachments over.

Added Operator Comfort

New cab improvements include optional Servo backhoe controls, as well as an improved seat with 2 additional inches of leg room.

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Jordan Radach