JCB 215 – The Compact Skid Steer For Smaller Spaces

JCB has been a leader in skid steer engineering, building machines considered the safest and most innovative on the market. And the small-platform 215 is no exception. With many features found on the larger models in the JCB lineup, this compact skid steer offers all the qualities you have come to expect from JCB products.

Safety First!

Let’s start with safety.

JCB’s iconic Powerboom™ loader arm provides the operator with 270 degrees of visibility around the machine, far more than the 167 degrees most competitors offer with twin-arm machines. The side door opens wide for safe entry/exit, and allows operators an easy way to access the cab. No more scrambling over large, and often slippery, attachments. No more clambering over an unsupported boom. There’s also superior visibility to the quick hitch as well as the cutting edge of the bucket. That means changing attachments and loading trucks is easier and more accurate. A better sight line means the operator can work closer to obstacles, too.

Comfort and Control Mean Greater Productivity

Comfort is another important consideration for operators who spend long days in the cab of a skid steer. More comfort = greater productivity, because there’s not the distraction of an awkward seating posture or feeling cramped. In fact, the JCB cabs on these small-platform machines are 46% larger than the competition. More headroom, more legroom, and a fully adjustable suspension seat for a custom ride. All of which make for a better day at the job site.

These cabs are also modular pressurized, so they collect far less dirt and dust. Factor installed a/c and heating keep the operator feeling good, no matter the weather.

Controls have been designed for easy reach and use. Low effort servo controls and multifunction joysticks make work easier. In fact, JCB’s myCHOICE control software allows operators to tailor the sensitivity of joystick movement to match the way they work. Including the options – stereo radio, cupholders and even a 12-volt receptable for cell phone charging – can make the workday more pleasant. The radio features an AUX port compatible with mobile phones and other devices.

And a happier, less-fatigued worker means more productive hours on the job. Which means a better bottom line for your company.

Versatility, Power and Performance

With versatile features and plenty of power, JCB skid steer loaders set new standards for efficiency and productivity.JCB 215 Compact Skid Steer loader

The 215 comes with the efficient engine that powers all JCB machines, requiring no DEF, no DPF and no engine after treatment. Unlike conventional skid steer cooling systems, JCB machines pull cool, clean air from above and force hot air out through the sides and rear, away from the operator.

In addition, the JCB 215 skid steer loader features an industry standard quick hitch. The operator can use both JCB attachments or those from other manufacturers. The standard hydraulic circuit is 18.5 gpm (70 lpm), with options for 26.4 gpm (100 lpm) or 30.5 gpm (115 lpm) available, depending on model. As with all JCB models, optional parallel lift makes it easier to position loads with forks or attachments.

Throw in JCB’s Smoothride System (SRS) option and the boom and load can move independently from the chassis. This provides improved load retention, greater operator comfort, and faster loading cycles.

Of course, like all JCB machines, the 215 is built tough to handle the demands of any application and any condition. With a fully-welded chassis providing a rigid structure for maximum strength and reduced weight and cast steel, triple-flanged rollers in a solid undercarriage, the 215 offers consistent performance on any terrain.

The iconic JCB single-arm Powerboom’s was designed for greater rigidity, less wear, and improved retention of material in the bucket. The Powerboom also provides safe internal routing for hydraulic hoses, protectioning them from damage.

Serviceability: Save Time on the Job

First of all, JCB redesigned their machines to have 38% fewer parts, which means fewer leak paths and easier trouble shooting. Daily maintenance parts, like filters and battery, are all conveniently located at ground level, where both the operator and maintenance crew can easily reach them. In fact, pre-filters, oil filters and air filters are all easily accessed via the large rear service door. The forward tilting cab provides excellent accessibility to all major components for maintenance. O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings reduce leaks and maintenance downtime.

Quick cleaning with a power washer can be incredibly useful on dirty jobs, and you’ll find there’s easy access to the engine bay, as well as flat floors with no dirt-trapping foot wells.

Add in fuel economy, and you’ve got savings on operator and owner costs that beat the competition.

Jordan Radach