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Massey Ferguson Subcompacts Vs. John Deere

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Did you know that the Massey Ferguson GC1700E/M Series subcompacts are the most successful tractors in the Massey Ferguson economy compact lineup? Capable, versatile and dependable, these small tractors are perfect for the rural lifestyle and for commercial landscapers. And you never have to hold back from working the tractor to its full potential, because it’s covered by a 5-Year Powertrain Warranty.

Here’s How These Subcompacts Stack Up Against John Deere 1023E and 1025R

Once you own a tractor, you find lots of tasks for it. The Massey GC1700E/M Series with FL1805 loader and CB65 backhoe is more responsive than the John Deere 1 Series machines. They’ve got a faster moving loader and backhoe. And because they have a higher hydraulic flow, they can out-lift, out-dig and match more attachments than the John Deere. Plus, higher hydraulic flow and a lower engine operating speed means lower fuel consumption than the Deere.

Another important point is that the Massey Ferguson GC1723E and GC1725M subcompacts share a lot of similarities, but the John Deere 1023E and 1025R do not. For example, John Deere economy and premium trims are very different from each other. Massey’s GC1723E (economy) and GC1725M (premium) trims are quite similar. This distinction matters when competitively pricing the economy models against one another. View our Massey subcompact 1723 here.

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Massey Dealers Work Harder for You

It’s also worthwhile noting that Massey Ferguson dealers tend to be smaller dealerships that work harder for their customers. They not only have the parts and service, but they offer the personal touch. This is not always the case at large multi-store, sometimes multi-state, John Deere dealers.

The Versatile Little Tractor

Of course, the subcompact market is highly competitive, so Massey has designed the GC1700E/M Series to perform above and beyond.

Compared to John Deere, Massey’s GC1700E/M Series tractors are rated at 200-600 RPM lower engine speed. This results in less engine wear, increased service life, and lower operating noise than the John Deere 1 Series.

GC1700E/M Series tractors are ideal sub-compacts for mowing, snow removal, loader and backhoe work. In fact, you’ll be able handle two jobs at once because you can operate both rear and mid-mount PTOs simultaneously. Homeowners, contractors and municipalities will all find these machines to be just what they need.

Another GC1700E/M feature is the rear-mounted radiator that keeps the operator comfortable. This configuration also keeps the engine free of debris by pulling cool, clean air from the operator station forward.

You’ll be able work longer and get more done each time, because the GC1700E/M Series compacts hold one gallon more fuel capacity than the Deere models.

Of course, if you’d rather have a compact model instead, we’ve got those in stock, too. See the 1825e Compact Tractor here.

Or take a look at the compact 1735e.

Comfort and Convenience Matter

When you’re out on the tractor for several hours, comfort and convenience matter. A backlit, automotive-style dash lets you easily see engine speed, fuel level, and coolant temperature right from your seat in the GC 1700 Series. The flat operator platform is covered with a durable rubber floor mat for comfort and ease of access. The Deere 1 series has a hump in the center of the platform. Plus, the forward-flipping one-piece hood means easy daily engine checks. And the machine is build from steel, for a long, durable life. Come in to test drive one of these subcompacts and see the difference!

Need something with a few more features and a little larger than a subcompact? The Massey Ferguson 1835e Premium might be your tractor.

A Quick Overview of the Massey Ferguson Benefits

Engine – The GC1700E/M Series feature a 1.1L, 3-cylinder Iseki diesel engine. This engine falls below the HP range that must meet emissions requirements. Because of this, the GC1700E/M Series does not require any emissions systems to meet compliance. Benefit – Iseki is a longtime AGCO partner and produces quiet and reliable engines. Due to the horsepower range that these engines fall under, these engines do not utilize emissions systems such as EGR, DPF, DOC, etc.
Transmission – The GC1700E/M Series feature a 2-range hydrostatic transmission with side-by-side forward and reverse pedals. All tractors in this series are available in a 4WD configuration only and have a maximum forward speed of 9.1 MPH. Benefit – Hydrostatic transmissions are easy to operate by anyone from a beginner to an experienced operator. The side-by-side pedals allow the operator to smoothly and comfortably change direction and are ideal in loader applications.
Hydraulics – The GC1700E/M Series feature a total hydraulic flow of 6.3 GPM (GC1723E) or 6.8 GPM (GC1725M). Benefit – The GC1700E/M Series leads its class in hydraulic flow. This flow results in a high 3-point lift capacity and fast loader response.
PTO – All four models in this series feature a standard 540 RPM rear-PTO and 2000 RPM mid- PTO. Benefit – The rear PTO allows the tractor to utilize a wide assortment of 3-point mounted implements while the mid-PTO can be utilized with several mid-mount mower options, front snow blowers, etc.
Configurations – All GC1700E/M Series tractors feature a standard platform configuration or a tractor-loader-backhoe (TLB) configuration. Benefit – The TLB configurations offer a taller ROPS and a swiveling seat to allow for a safe and comfortable environment to operate the backhoe.
Comfort – The GC1700E/M Series has several exciting features to enhance the operator’s comfort: flat platform with rubber floor mats, side- by-side forward/reverse pedals, ergonomic control layout, beverage holder, and ground level fueling to name a few. Benefit – The GC1700E/M Series was designed to provide the operator with an optimal work environment. Whether you are mowing grass, moving snow, or operating a backhoe – these tractors will be a comfortable platform to work from.

The charts below can help you see the differences between Massey Ferguson and John Deere subcompacts.

massey ferguson vs john deere subcompacts chart 1 mf vs jd 2-model-spec-comp

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