Ron’s Teleskid Customer Interviewed by JCB

JCB Teleskid On Our Lot Enticed Him

Local rancher and trucking company owner Jason Waldo of Wellington, CO bought a JCB Teleskid from Ron’s dealership and found himself the subject of an interview by JCB’s news writers.

Jason’s first JCB machine was a 215 skid steer loader, and he still uses it around the farm today. Later on, he added a JCB 330 skid steer which he traded for a Teleskid at our dealership. He was driving past our location when, he says, the telescopic Powerboom™ of the Teleskid sitting on our lot enticed him to stop. He asked our JCB experts to let him demo the machine.

Although Jason used his JCB skid steer daily, he was curious if the Teleskid’s impressive lift height, reach and dig depth would give him an even greater advantage.

Managing a trucking company as well as a cattle breeding operation means Jason relies heavily on his equipment. He needs dependable, economical machines. According to the article, Jason has found that his new equipment allows him to load trucks and complete farm chores faster. He can also do things that were impossible with a conventional skid steer.

He purchase that JCB Teleskid 3TS-8W skid steer loader from us, and says he is quite happy with it.

Reliable, Hard Working Teleskid Helps Get Tasks Done Faster

The JCB 330 skid steer was fine for farm tasks, such as cleaning cattle pens. Jason soon saw, however, that the Teleskid would add a lot of new capabilities. With its 8 feet of forward reach and 13-foot pin height, he would now be able to lift bales over his stock fences and drop them into feeders without entering pens. And now that he could stack bales four high, he would free up valuable space in his hay barn.

Jason traded his JCB 330 in for his new skid steer loader, and it fulfilled its promises of greater work efficiency and a wider range of tasks. Not only his cattle operation saw the benefits: the Powerboom’s lift height means he can load his dump trucks to full capacity. That means fewer trips, and time and fuel savings.

Features Jason Appreciated and You Will, Too

Added safety features like the iconic side entry door caught his attention. This side entry eliminates the need to climb over slippery attachments. The single boom arm and backup camera allow for far better visibility than comparable machines. And the lift and reach of the Teleskid allows high-sided trucks to be loaded from a safe distance.

Comfort is always an important consideration, too. The climate-controlled cab, 33% larger than its nearest rival, means more all-around room for the operator. And the JCB Smoothride System, which dampens the hydraulics system, makes the ride easier on the operator. It’s also less stressful on the machine. It also helps retain more of the load in the bucket, which makes tasks more efficient.

“It makes the ride a lot more comfortable,” says Jason. “It’s like you’re floating.”

Jason saw the immediate and obvious benefits of the new Teleskid. Now that he works with it daily, he says he finds new things every day that the Teleskid can do better and more efficiently that he could ever do before.

Contact us to learn how a JCB Teleskid can improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations, and come in for a demo. You’ll see why Jason appreciates his Teleskid. We think you will, too.



Nate Meyette