Woods Box Scrapers


Woods Box Scrapers 20-65 HP

Woods box scrapers conquer the toughest spreading and grading jobs. Our box scrapers deliver superior durability and versatility from the...

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Woods GSM84P Grading Scraper

Woods grading scrapers are rugged 3-point hitch tractor attachments designed with superior durability for tough landscape tasks. You can level...

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Woods GSS60P Grading Scraper

Reversible/Replaceable High-Carbon Cutting Edges, and Adjustable Skid Shoes And Shanks For More Precise Road Shaping Make the Woods GSS60P Grading Scraper an...

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Woods GSS72P Grading Scraper

Whenever you need to level potholes or cut material from high spots, this scraper will do the job with a...

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