Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors


Massey Ferguson GC1723EB Sub Compact Tractor

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the launch of the next generation of GC1700 series tractors. The GC1723E tractor is...

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Cab System for Massey Ferguson 1700 and GC1700 Compact Tractors

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Massey Ferguson 1825E Compact Tractor

Whether you’ve got a small farm or a busy job site, the 1825E is equipped with all the basics you...

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Massey Ferguson 1735E Compact Tractor

Whether you’ve got a small farm or a busy job site, the 1735E is equipped with all the basics you...

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Massey Ferguson 1740E Compact Tractor

There’s a great deal of satisfaction in working your own land, and the right tractor makes that work easier and...

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Massey Ferguson 1835M Premium Compact Tractor

Getting more out of your tractor is the name of the game. More comfort, convenience, and ease-of-operation. More productive and...

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Massey Ferguson 2860M Compact Tractor

60 HP Iseki 4-Cylinder liquid cooled Diesel, 2.43 L Direct Injection, Turbocharged and Intercooled, Electronic Engine Control INSTRUMENTS • Combination...

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Massey Ferguson GC1723E and CG1725M

Are you finally living the dream after years of wanting to own some land?

Then you've probably discovered that if you’ve got land, you've got to have a tractor. Big choice? Sure, but we have a solution. Come take a look at our sub compact tractors for sale.

If you're managing a small acreage, you need a Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractor. Not too big, not too small, easy to use and remarkably versatile. And as your needs change over the years, this will be the best sub compact to grow with you. And although it's powered with only a 25 gross engine horsepower or less, it works like a bigger machine. And it takes up less space.

No Problems with Day-to-Day Chores

Small landowner, part-time farmer, hunter readying acreage for hunting season: this tractor is your multitasking workhorse. Easy to drive. Intuitive performance. These small tractors are can handle all general property maintenance: Mowing, snow-blowing loading, and backhoe work. With the Massey Ferguson GC1723EB or Massey Ferguson GC1725M, you're ready to conquer all it all. A sub compact tractor loader backhoe can do it all.

Comfortable, and Extremely Easy to Use

Comfort inthis  starts with the improved operator’s station, where the large, flat foot deck makes for easy entry/exit.  And for the days when you log hours on the machine, a new and improved seat design will make your time on the tractor a whole lot more comfortable. The thoughtful design places all the major controls in familiar, intuitive locations. Functional pedals are also now easier to reach and operate.

Need to get out and mow? You’ll get an excellent cut on any type of terrain. The sturdy ten-gauge stamped steel full-floating decks have been built for durability, and all the spindle assemblies are made of cast iron for longer life.

Small Tractors Are Meant for Smaller Acreages

Even  a "weekend" farmer always has a long list of chores that need doing. But you don’t need a bigger, more expensive tractor to do them. What you need is a better, more intuitive one: a new and improved GC1700 series small tractor. Dependable, comfortable and versatile, it will add to your enjoyment being a landowner.

Loader and Backhoe Come Factory Installed

Dual-bucket cylinders and exceptional bucket rollback angles deliver better performance than single-cylinder loaders. Plus the efficient hydraulic pumps deliver higher output at lower RPM than most competitive models.

The Massey Ferguson sub compact tractor GC1723EB serves you the complete versatility package. There’s almost nothing you can't do around your place with the loader/backhoe combo. Plus you can easily remove one or both for maximum versatility, like when mowing or fitting in tight spaces.

Come in and demo one today. It’s never been so easy to manage your small acreage.

Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors: 1700 Series

If your'e looking for the convenience and economy of a small farm tractor, but need the work capacity of a much larger machine, a  let us introduce you to the Massey 1700 Series compact tractor. Massey offers this series  of strong, capable small tractors less than 40 HP with several different engine sizes. Here's a quick overview of our Massey compact tractors for sale.

1726E ROPS Tractor Loader

Here's a 4x4 24 HP tractor ready with loader and mechanical 9x3 transmission. If your land chores include mowing and any kind of loader work, take a look at this model. It’s Tier 4 emissions compliant and has a lift capacity of more than 2200 lbs at hitch point and 1600 lbs at 24 inches. That means it works hard, and works clean. And maintenance work a lot easier when you're under the steel tilt-up hood. Long days or just a few hours working around your place are equally comfortable in  the adjustable spring suspension seat. The 1726EH model is available with a  3-range hydrostatic transmission.

The 1734E Tractor Loader

With ROPS or without ROPS, and also available with hydrostatic transmission, this little workhorse will meet your chore needs. The Shibaura 3-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled diesel engine is rate at 34 HP and comes with a DPF filter. Some models come turbocharged, and they all have an electronic engine control for easier handling. The loader has a 1,210 lb lifting capacity, which works well on small acreages.

The Turbo Charged 1739E ROPS Tractor Loader

Meet Massey’s largest HP economy tractor. The engine is rated 38.5 HP, and rated tier 4 emissions compliant. Sealed wet disc brakes and a pedal operated rear differential lock mean greater safety every time you work. It comes from the factory with a skid steer quick attach loader that can lift 1210 lbs. Mow and haul whatever, whenever, with nine forward and three reverse speeds, all controlled by 2 easy-to-reach shift levers. A full instrument panel and comfortable adjustable spring suspension seat means a better and easier work day. Also available with hydrostatic transmission.

Step Up To A Premium Compact Tractor

Does the idea of premium compact appeal? If you're looking for the best compact utility tractor, Massey offers several models to choose from.

The 1740M Premium Compact Tractor has no DPF, and meets all Tier 4 Emissions standards. It barrels  along at 40HP, ready to take on all your farming and property maintenance tasks. Handle your landscaping, small-scale road and grading tasks, and light construction work with confidence. A menu of upgraded features makes the 1740M Premium the one to choose when you need comfort, convenience and power in a compact tractor.

We carry the model that has a factory-installed cab featuring heat and a/c, mobile phone holder, front and rear wiper/washers, front and rear work lights, rear and side opening windows and entry doors on both sides of the cab. With lots of upgraded features, the 1740M Premium is the one to choose when you need comfort, convenience and power in a compact tractor.

The 1700M Premium Series also includes the 1755M Premium Compact, and 1760M Premium Compact. Each of these machines has features similar to the 1740M Premium and comes with factory installed cab, but offer greater engine power and greater performance.

The 1760M has deluxe cab options that further improve operator comfort. It’s powered by a 60HP engine and can lift more than 3,000 lbs. Factory add-ons and extras make this a truly special machine.

Come in today to choose the Massey Ferguson compact tractor that fits your needs and your budget.