JCB Skid Steers - Compact Track Loaders - Teleskids for Colorado and Wyoming

In 1993, JCB entered the skid steer market and changed it forever with the first mono-boom, side-entry skid steer, and the world’s first telescoping boom.

Then, in 2001, JCB’s compact track loaders hit the market, and 16 years later, JCB revamped its lineup, offering large- and small-platform skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. Ron's Equipment carries skid steers for sale for Colorado and Wyoming: you'll find the mini skid steer for sale, as well as skid loaders for sale.

Tier 4 Final Regulation Compliance Comes Standard

All JCB compact track loaders and skid steers are powered by JCB’s Tier 4 Final JCB Ecomax engine or JCB Diesel by Kohler engines. They all meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards with no need for exhaust aftertreatment. This improvement means greater fuel efficiency, reduced downtime and lower operating costs. The standard hydraulic circuit flow rate is 18.5 gpm on JCB small-platform compact track loaders and 24 gpm on large platform machines; a high-flow option, up to 33 gpm (depending on machine size), is available for maximum attachment versatility.

The JCB Compact Track Loader

JCB compact track loaders feature the company’s iconic single arm Powerboom. The Powerboom is manufactured from 20% more steel than conventional twin booms. And JCB guarantees it for the life of the machine. This single arm design eliminates the need for operators to climb over hazardous attachments or under an unsupported boom. JCB machines have wide-opening side door for safe entry and exit. The single boom design also enables 270 degrees of visibility from the operator’s seat and greatly improved rear visibility. This small skid steer for sale may be just what you're needing!

Improvements for the Operator

Large-platform JCB machines offer the operator a cab with 33% larger than the competition; small-platform JCB skid steer track loaders offer 46% more room than competing machines. Operators will also appreciate the handy storage space and 12-volt power socket for charging mobile phones and other devices. Air conditioning is an available option in these skidsteers for sale.

Some models also offer additional features like suspension seats, servo controls, sealed and pressurized cabs and optional counterweight packages.

The JCB Skid Steer

Looking for a skidsteer for sale that will last for years? Today, JCB offers three large platform machines in North America — the 270, 300 and 3TS-8W — and one small track loader — the 215. Like the track loaders, the skid loaders feature the single-arm JCB Powerboom , safe side door entry, and 60% percent better visibility than competing skid steer loaders.

More Features Mean Economy and Versatility In The Workplace

.JCB’s myCHOICE software lets operators adjust the travel and loader controls of their skidsteer loader for optimal operation to suit a range of activities, from precision applications to faster cycle operations.

And quick daily checks are easier than ever. All three filters in the skid steer are easily accessed from the rear of the machine. Plus, the operator can tilt the cab forward with the boom is in the down position for quick access to major components.

JCB skidsteers also boast 16% lower owner And operating costs, achieved by best in class fuel consumption.

Additionally, these machines are compatible with more than 30 families of attachments for versatility in any application.

There's even economy during transport, as many JCB small Skid Steer models are light enough (transport weights range from just 7,253 Llbs) to be towed behind a standard pickup truck, often without the need for a commercial driver’s license.

A Closer Look At Some Features

JCB fully welded chassis

A fully-welded chassis provides a rigid structure for maximum strength and reduced weight. For consistent performance on demanding terrain, JCB skid steer and compact track loaders feature a solid undercarriage with cast steel, triple-flanged rollers.

JCB Quick Hitch

The quick hitch comprises high-tensile steel and high-strength welds for longer life, and features a fully-enclosed tilt cylinder to eliminate debris infiltration on large platform models. For extra support and greater breakout force, JCB skid steers have the largest quick hitch pivot pins in the industry, and increased pivot pin diameter on the boom

JCB Powerboom

With 20% more steel, and backed up with a lifetime warranty - the power boom design also gives the best visibility - 60% more than the average twin arm design. The JCB Powerboom boasts tapered pivot pins and 20 percent more steel than conventional twin-arm skid steer designs. The result is greater rigidity for less wear, longer life and improved retention of material in the bucket.

jcb engine cooling system

Unlike conventional steer cooling systems, the JCB engine cooling system pulls cool, clean air from above and forces hot air out through the sides and rear, away from the operator. The result is improved, efficient cooling, even in extreme conditions.


The standard hydraulic circuit on JCB small-platform skid steer and compact track loaders has a flow rate of 18.5 gpm. For large platform machines, the standard hydraulic circuit flow rate is 24 gpm. A high-flow option, up to 33 gpm (depending on machine size), is available for maximum attachment versatility.

JCB skid steer smooth ride system

JCB’s Smoothride System (SRS) allows the boom and load to move independently from the chassis, for improved load retention, operator comfort and, ultimately, faster loading cycles and journey times.


With no requirement for the rear torque tube found on conventional machines, operators of JCB vertical lift models benefit from even greater rear visibility. Additionally, a standard-fit rear view mirror enhances rearward visibility.


Tasks such as loading a truck or changing attachments are simplified due to excellent visibility to the cutting edge of the bucket and quick hitch.


Safety is achieved with our unique side entry design - the side door allows you to get in and out safely and easily - no longer do you have to climb over the attachment at the front. A wide-opening door (now 40% larger) and large grab handles enable easy and safe entry and exit, eliminating crush and slip hazards associated with front-entry machines.


The JCB skid steer loader and compact track loader range offers the most comfortable cab operating environment in its class. The latest JCB cab is in a class of its own for ergonomics and operator comfort. The operator environment on large-platform JCB machines is 33 percent larger than the competition; cabs on small-platform JCB skid steers are 46 percent larger than competing machines. This gives tremendous legroom and head and shoulder room.

jcb-skid-steer-cab ventilation

JCB skid steers and compact track loaders have one of the best ventilation systems in the industry, thanks to three cab ventilation filters and an external panel cover. Air conditioning is available as an option, to provide the perfect cabin environment in any climate.


JCB large-platform skid steers and compact track loaders are equipped with JCB EcoMAX engines that require no diesel particulate filter (DPF), no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and no engine aftertreatment. In addition, JCB EcoMAX engines offer simplified servicing for lower operating costs and less downtime. The Tier-4 Final EcoMAX engine uses up to nine percent less fuel than Tier-3 units, for a significant saving in operating costs.


Small platform JCB skid steers and compact track loaders are equipped with the JCB Diesel by Kohler KDI Tier-4 Final engines. Like the JCB EcoMAX unit, JCB Diesel by Kohler engines require no DEF, no DPF, and no exhaust aftertreatment. JCB Diesel by Kohler engines boast an advanced combustion system that significantly reduces emissions and fuel consumption.


All daily checks and greasing can be performed at ground level. Daily maintenance points, pre-filters, oil and air filters are easy to access via a large, rear service door. The door is recessed for protection from potential impact damage.