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We stock Massey Ferguson tractors for sale: compacts, farm and utility tractors. We are a registered Massey Ferguson dealer. Call or email with questions. Our tractor experts can help get you into the machine perfect for your requirements.

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GC 1700 series subcompact tractors

An Overview of the Massey Ferguson Tractor Models We Stock

Tractor dealers in Colorado know that small acreage owners need small farm tractors to manage their land and their daily chores.

Sub-Compact Tractors For Sale

GC 1705 Tractor Loader - We've got the powerful small tractors for sale that Colorado and Wyoming small acreage owners want. Anti-roll bar for added safety, and a front end loader ready to work! Repairs and maintenance are easier, too, with a tilt-up hoods. A 25HP engine gives you the muscle to tackle everyday jobs around your acreage. A wide range of implements are available.

GC1723E andGC1725M - These new additions to the GC1700 Series now offer more operator comfort than ever. A tilt steering wheel, intuitive controls, and covered storage compartment make time on the tractor more pleasant than ever. And new headlights let you work longer in low light conditions. You've got your dream acreage, and now you can manage it with ease.

1700 series compact tractors

Compact Tractors For Sale

1726EHL ROPS Tractor Loader - Easy to maneuver small tractor that you can use for all mowing applications and any kind of loader work. Whether you need to move some landscape rock or haul sand to the arena, you've got the power. Do garden tilling and mowing, post hole digging or maintain your driveway or trails. Anti-roll bar for safety. Many implements available.

1734EL ROPS Compact Tractor Loader - Affordable turbo-charged power machine that has loader lifting capacity of 1210 lb. Don't the let size fool you: there is lots of muscle in this small tractor!

1739EL ROPS Tractor Loader - Massey's largest HP economy tractor. Turbo-charged, and with a skid steer quick attach loader, it will handle any small farm or acreage task you throw at it. Anti-roll bar adds safety.

1735M Premium, 1740M Premium, 1755M Premium, and 1760M Premium - Not only are these machines powerful, they feature a simplified emissions system that has less heat buildup, no regeneration, and lower maintenance cost. If you need a tractor for long days of work, or expect to be using it very often, consider a Premium model. We offer the 1735M with a factory-installed cab. The 1760M comes with a deluxe cab package. Each model in the series offers different HP. Let us help you choose the model that best suits your work needs.

2600H and 2700E Series tractors

Utility and Farm Tractors For Sale

2605H - A rugged, tough and dependable utility tractor. With a simple, open design, and steel hood, fenders and platform, they are unmatched for durability. If you're seeking a smaller utility tractor with high capacity hydraulics perfect for loader and implement work, this model is for you.

2705E ROPS- Built with the small farmer and large acreage landowner in mind. If you enjoy the new rural lifestyle, you need a reliable tractor. The 2705E comes with anti-roll bar for safety while you do your loader work, rotary tilling, or any other rear PTO job. Comfortable operator seating, too.

2706E ROPS Compact TL-A small and powerful compact tractor loader that handles the day-to-day demands of the hobby farmer, farm-to-table producer or small business acreage. Like all the other 2700 Series models, you'll get maximum use with operator comfort. Compact tractor practicality is blended with utility model functionality: easy to operate and a solid little workhorse.

4700 Series, ROPS or deluxe cab

Utility and Farm Tractors For Sale

4707 ROPS TL - Heavy duty for those bigger jobs, this tractor loader was designed to pull larger, heavier implements and to lift huge load. The 80-100HP engines in the 4700 Series delivery maximum torque at low engine speeds. Plus, a less complex design with few parts means miserly fuel consumption and easier maintenance. The comfortable operator station means you can work the hours you need to get the job done. Anti-roll bar for added safety.

4707 TL Deluxe Cab and 4710 TL Deluxe Cab - All the features of the 4707 tractor loader models, along with a deluxe cab for all-day operator comfort and convenience. If you own a large hobby farm, have extensive acreage to maintain, or run a farm-to-table operation, you'll especially appreciate the deluxe cab features when you're spending long hours in the operator seat!

6700 Series tractor

Utility and Farm Tractors for Sale

6713 Cab Tractor Loader - A mid-range, heavyweight tractor loader, this machine is built for power and durability. Premium radial tires come standard, and the operator station has been designed will all-day comfort in mind. Premium radial tires come standard, and the design includes numerous features to make your heavy-duty loader work easier. You need unmatched lift capacity and muscular pulling power? Come in and talk with our tractor experts about this versatile machine today.