Farm and Utility Tractors For Sale: 50-125 HP


Massey Ferguson 2850E Compact Utility Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 2800E series tractors are practical workhorses. They combine the simplicity of a compact tractor with the ability of a utility tractor. These machines are easy to use....

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Massey Ferguson 2860E Compact Utility Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 2800E series tractors are practical workhorses. They combine the simplicity of a compact tractor with the ability of a utility tractor. These machines are easy to use....

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Massey Ferguson 2605H Utility Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 2600H Series is a rugged new line of utility tractors that are as tough and dependable as our classic Massey Ferguson models. These tractors feature a simple,...

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Massey-Ferguson 4707 ROPS Utility Tractor Loader

12F X 12R, 2 range, power-shuttle, electro-hydraulic shuttle lever, 58 PTO HP, Loader lift is 3,420 LBS @ pins. Skid steer quick attach bucket. Sensitivity adjustment on shuttle. Electric 4×4...

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Massey-Ferguson 4707 Tractor Loader Deluxe Cab

Comfort in a hard-working machine. Comes with 12F X 12R, 2 range, power-shuttle, electro-hydraulic shuttle lever, 58 PTO HP. Loader lift is 3,420 LBS @ pins. Skid steer quick attach...

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Massey-Ferguson 4710 Tractor Loader Deluxe Cab

The 4710 is heavier than other tractors in its class, uniquely designed to handle larger, heavier implements and more demanding applications. With a wide range of wheel-spacing settings, these tractors...

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Massey Ferguson 5711D Utility Tractor

The Massey 5711 tractor is built for tough, demanding work in all kinds of environments. It’s designed with simplicity of operation and a comfortable operator environment. From the ground up,...

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Massey-Ferguson 6713 Mid-Range Cab Tractor Loader

Heavyweight Of The Mid-Range Category. The new Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor is unlike any mid-range we’ve ever built before, engineered from the ground up, then tested in the harshest conditions...

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Farm and Utility Tractors

Farm and utility tractors offer features often found on larger tractors, but are smaller, lighter, and meant for smaller acreages.

Want a smaller farm tractor that performs like its larger siblings? Hobby farmers, farm-to-table producers, small businesses and smaller acreage land owners all need to maintain their land. And for them, a small but powerful farm tractor or  utility tractor is just right. Massey has created several series of these machines to meet their needs.

The 2700E Series:
Small, Tough, Easy to Use

The  2700E Series are hardworking, tough little machines that offer the practicality of a compact tractor while handling the jobs of a larger one. Loader work, rotary cutting, and other rear PTO jobs are a snap. You’ll find them easy to operate with intuitive controls. And they each come with the comfort, quality and value Massey Ferguson brings to all of their products.

These tractors are designed with a maintenance-free emission system with no DPF. The 2705E is the first large-frame economy compact model from Massey and boasts a 48.8HP engine. Turbo lift capacity can manage 2,425 lbs. The hydrostatic transmission is designed for the back and forth maneuvering involved in loader work, and makes mowing around obstacles easy. And it’s a simple system: Press the forward pedal to go forward or press the reverse pedal to go back. Let go of the pedal and the machine comes to a stop.

The 2760E model is very similar, but with higher (57.3HP) if you need more power for the chores you have planned. It can lift 2,425 lbs. And the 8 x 8 Synchro Shuttle lets you just push a clutch and pull a lever for quick directional changes. This model is recommended for heavy ground-engaging work and field work.

The 4700 Series:
Heavy Duty, Immense Lift Capacity

Looking for a heavy-duty, mid-range tractor purpose-built engineered to lift? The 4700 Series has the muscle power to pull larger, heavier implements and lift huge loads. These rugged machines, built for better maneuverability and more stability, are ideal for hay, dairy, orchards and small farms.

You can expect good fuel efficiency and easy maintenance with modest service costs. The 80-100 HP engines run cool and smooth with four valves per cylinder, and deliver maximum torque at low engine speeds, saving on fuel. And the engines meet Tier 4 Final Emissions Standards. Plus, the easy-to-operate trans system allows for multiple speed options under any circumstances. Just press a button or shift gears when you’re turning, and you can adjust how the trans engages.

The 4707 is a very popular model. With 75HP, loader lift of 3,420 lbs, and a skid steer quick attach bucket, you’ll be able to tackle all the tasks on your to-do list. A two-post folding ROPS adds to your safety. Or, if you prefer, an air-conditioned cab is available as an option.

The 4710 model Tractor Loader comes with a deluxe cab. With 100HP and a lift capacity of 4,850 lbs, this one brings the muscle. You’ll work all day in comfort, with a spring suspension mounted seat, retractable seat belt, and seat that adjusts fore and aft with mechanical weight adjustment.

The 6700 Series:
Mid-Range Heavyweight

The 6700 Series tractors are powerful, versatile and long-lasting. With unmatched lift capacity of 9392 lbs. and 130 HP engines, they bring muscular pulling power along with the comfort you need for those long days in the field. Premium radial tires come standard. Pull heavy implements and tackle the toughest jobs from the well-appointed deluxe cab.

Four headlights, two rear marker light assemblies, rear brake lights, and a comprehensive instrument with both digital and analog dash displays make your workday easier.

Cab model features include HVAC, speakers, rubber floor mats, telescopic side mirrors and internal mirror, tilting and telescopic steering column, mechanical swiveling sear with arm rests, retractable seat belt and instructor’s seat and more.

We’ve got farm tractors for sale as well as utility tractors for sale. Come in and talk to our tractor experts and demo the model you need.