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woods flail shredder

WOODS S20CD Flail Shredder

$19,500 and Ready To Deal! Tear through your toughest crop residue with the leader in Flail Shredders 247-inch cutting width...

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WOODS RC6 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

Large supply of mowers in stock. 6-foot Single-spindle Cutter Three-point hitch: Cat 1 Tractor HP Minimum: 21 hp Cutting capacity...

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WOODS BB60X Brushbull Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

Call for pricing, Most sizes and variations in stock! 60-inch Single-Spindle Cutter Three-point hitch: Cat 1 Tractor HP range: 25-50...

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woods mower

WOODS DS120 Multi Spindle Rotary Cutter

120-inch, 3 Point Type Dual-Spindle Cutter, minimum tractor HP: 40 hp, cutting capacity up to 1.5-inches, smooth, sloped top deck...

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WOODS Batwing BW15 Dual Wing Rotary Cutter

5-foot Low-Horsepower Dual-Wing Cutter Main driveline: Cat 4 CV Tractor HP range 40-90 hp Full-length, 24-inch replaceable side skids feature...

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WOODS BW1800X 15-Foot Batwing Rotary Cutter

15-foot Extreme-Duty Dual-Wing Cutter Main driveline: Cat 6 CV or Cat 5 heavy 3 joint Tractor HP range: 65-250 hp...

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WOODS DBH6.30 Ditchbank Rotary Cutter

Only 6-foot model on the market Highest-rated cutting horsepower in its class – full 40 hp at cutting head Narrow...

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WOODS PRD6000 Rear Discharge Finish Mower

60-inch cutting width, Rear Discharge Three-point hitch: Cat 1 Tractor HP range: 15-40 hp Ideal for mowing large lawns, sports...

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WOODS PRD7200 Rear Discharge Finish Mower

72-inch cutting width, Rear Discharge Three-point hitch: Cat 1 Tractor HP range: 20-40 hp Ideal for mowing large lawns, sports...

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WOODS RD72 Finish Mower

WOODS RD72 Finish Mower, with 72-inch cutting width, Rear Discharge. Three-point hitch: Cat 1. Ideal for 20-35 horsepower compact tractors....

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WOODS RD60 Finish Mower

The Woods RD60 Finish Mower is ideal for 15-35 horsepower compact tractors. Three-point hitch: Cat 1. 4.6-inch deck depth, along...

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WOODS Batwing BW12 Dual Wing Rotary Cutter

The Original Batwing® in a New 12-foot width, designed specifically for compact tractors 12-foot Dual-wing cutter for compact/utility tractors Main...

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WOODS RC4 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

4-foot Single-spindle Cutter Three-point hitch: Cat 1 Tractor HP Minimum: 15 hp Cutting capacity up to 1-inch Strong, fabricated tail...

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WOODS BB72X Brushbull Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

In Stock and ready to cut with a 6 year gear box warranty. Rugged and reliable, the Woods BrushBull™ is...

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WOODS BB84X Brushbull Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

Rugged and reliable, the Woods BrushBull™ is built to tackle your toughest brush cutting chores 84-inch Single-Spindle Cutter Three-point hitch:...

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WOODS RC5 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

Large Stocking Dealer Of Woods Equipment. Please call with your needs! 5-foot Single-spindle Cutter Three-point hitch: Cat 1 Tractor HP...

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Rear Blades

Woods RBS Rear Blades for Tractors Up to 45HP

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Woods HBL Rear Blades for Tractors 30-75 HP

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Woods RB Rear Blades for Tractors 50-150 HP

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Woods RBS84P Rear Blade

Woods RBS84P Rear Blade is ideal for grading dirt or gravel, cleaning up construction sites and moving snow. 84-inch moldboard...

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Woods RBS72P Rear Blade

Woods RBS72P Rear Blade. Ideal for grading dirt or gravel, cleaning up construction sites and moving snow. 72-inch moldboard length...

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WOODS PSS84 Precision Seeder

Woods PSS84 with all three seed boxes and cultipacker . Ground driven. 35-85 HP tractor recommended . Great Value from...

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Purchasing the Right Implement

Have a list of  tractor task to do on your property? It's a lot easier to find the right implement for the job if you know what you want to accomplish.  But buying mismatched attachments is a risk that can cause you extra expense, wasted time, poor performance and possibly physical injury. If the implements you need are not made by your tractor manufacturer, do your research and then come talk with our implement experts.

First off, make certain the implement you want meets minimum standards for a three-point hitch and PTO driveline. Also, be use to know the weight of the implement, because it's important that it's not too heavy for your tractor.

If you can, buy the implements when you first buy the tractor. If you’re buying them at a later date, please let one of our experienced implement salespeople help you determine which attachment you need.

Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters, (also called brush hogs), are heavy duty attachments. They employ the tractor PTO’s  power to push their way through tall grass, tough shrubs, even 3” saplings. Their primary uses are for roadside maintenance, working in heavily weeded areas, and keeping meadows free of woody invaders. The rotary cutter is also often used to manage intensive grazing areas, because you can cut  just-grazed areas to a uniform height.

Rotary mowers usually feature a single vertical drive spindle and blade carrier with a “stump jumper” pan. A shear bolt or slip clutch works to protect both driveline and gearbox from damage. We carry rotary cutters in a variety widths and blade sizes.

A rotary cutter can easily throw objects  for several hundred feet. Chain shielding is used to help avoid operator injuries.  Still, caution is always advised. The rotary cutter is does not substitute for a lawn mower, because there's not much tolerance for small changes in the land’s relief. Cutting too low may cause the cutter to scrape the soil.

Box Scrapers

Use box scrapers for leveling, scraping, and breaking up even the hardest ground.  With strong  blades on both sides of the box, they push or pull material when the box scraper is used either a forward or backward position.

The scraper has ripper teeth on the front end of the box to loosen compact soil. The blade follows, scraping and smoothing the ground. If you want to maintain your driveway, you drag the scraper behind the tractor, moving gravel from high elevation areas and redistributing it to low spots. To form a crown on the roadway,  adjust the three-point hitch’s arms to tilt the scraper to the desired angle.

Box blades are also perfect for landscaping tasks.

Make sure your box scraper's width matches the width of your tractor's tires so you can get most from the attachment.  A blade that's too wide could overpower your tractor. Most scrapers are 5 to 6 feet wide, and do not use the PTO at all.

Rear Blades

Driveway grading, planting preparation, scraping manure, snow removal. These chores need a rear blade.  Select one that is about the same width as your tractor for best results. A too-wide blade can strain your tractor, but a too-narrow blade with be inefficient. Blades generally range from 5 to 8 feet wide and come either front- or rear-mounted.

The more adjustable the blade is, the higher the price. The most economical blades only offer vertical axis adjustments. Cost increases for blades that provide vertical and horizontal axis rotation, but that rotation allow you to lower the blade to one side or the other. They offer greater utility during use. If you plan do to a lot of rear blading work, the more versatile blades may be a better option for saving time and giving a better finish.  Check with our staff to make sure the blade you’re considering is the right one for the tasks you want it to do.

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