JCB 1CXT Skid Steer Backhoe Loader

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Loader Bucket Breakout: 1,466 lbf;
Maximum Dig Depth: 10′ 1″;
Gross Engine Power: 49 hp

JCB 1CXT Specs

The JCB 1CXT Is A Compact Backhoe Loader. By Combining Key Features Of A Skid Steer Loader And A Mini Excavator, You Effectively Get Two Machines In One Package, Saving Time And Money. A Wealth Of Special Features And Options Boost Earning Power Still Further.

The 1CXT is a versatile backhoe loader, with excellent material handling and excavating capabilities, in a compact machine with the footprint, versatility and maneuverability that many associate with a compact track loader.

The 1CXT backhoe loader provides superior maneuverability, an optional handheld tool auxiliary, as well as a universal quick hitch that is compatible with most skid steer attachments, making them work as JCB 1CXT attachments. The machine is equipped with a 49 hp engine that requires no after treatment.


JCB 1CXT Specs
ENGINE – 1CX – All models
Emissions standard Stage EC Stage IIIA
Manufacturer Perkins 404D-22
Aspiration Natural
Displacement litres 2.2
No. of cylinders 4
Rated engine rpm 2800
Rated ISO 14396 (SAE J1995 Gross) kW (hp) 36.3 (49)
Max. torque @ 1800rpm Nm 140
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel filter Replaceable cartridge plus water/sediment separator prefilter
Air cleaner Dual element
Oil filter and lubrication Full flow, spin-on type filter. Engine oil service intervals 500 hours
Cooling systemWater, hot climate specification. Pressurised 1.0 bar, pusher fan. Pressurised tank with integral filler neck and overflow tank.
Manufacturer Danfoss / Rexroth
Type Hydrostatic
Travel speeds 1CX 0-11 km/h forward & reverse 1CXT 0-7.5 km/h forward & reverse
Loader breakout – shovel 2350
Loader breakout – arms 2400
Tipping load kg 1900
Payload rating as a percentage of tipping load35%
Rated operating capacity kg 665

JCB 1CXT Backhoe Loader for Colorado and Wyoming

JCB’s skid steer backhoe 1CXT is the only tracked backhoe in North America, and it combines the functions of a backhoe and compact track loader in one great machine.

Compact track loader backhoes in Colorado and Wyoming are hot sellers these days, as professionals in a number of fields are seeing its incredible utility and versatility. Landscapers, rental yards, residential contractors and even farmers are seeing the extra value and utility of a skid steer on tracks.

Tracks allow for better work in wet seasons. They generate more pushing power, add stability and decrease ground pressure. They also master specific applications where wheels face challenges (think brush cutting or grade control). With tracks, you have less ground damage, as well as the ability to climb steep inclines.

JBC points out that the 1CXT is not a hybrid between a backhoe and a compact track loader, but rather a skid steer backhoe, because the engine and the skid steer quick-hitch the sit up front.

New to North American

Although JCB has actually sold this backhoe on tracks overseas since 2012, this version of the mini skid steer backhoe is new to North America. The JCB1CXT has a backhoe 10-ft, 1-in. dig depth, is powered by a Perkins 49-hp diesel engine, and carries a maximum rated loader capacity of 1,466 lbs. up front, giving the JCB 1CXT excellent lifting capacity.

Choose between an open ROPS or operator cab with air conditioning and heat. Additionally, the 1CXT backhoe loader is engineered with a side-shift chassis, so the backhoe can shift without moving the entire unit.This mini skid steer backhoe features seat-mounted joystick controls to run both the loader end and the backhoe. When the operator spins his seat, the machine automatically detects the operator’s position. Reverse driving is available with just a click and a hold on the button.

And the 1CXT stabilizers deploy straight down to the ground, so you can easily work in confined spaces.

In League With the Big Boys

All in all, JCB 1CXT is a mini skid steer backhoe that can deliver the material handling and excavating capability of a backhoe loader. But it also offers the maneuverability and transportability of a compact track loader. Less than 6 ft wide and 12 ft long, the 1CXT’s footprint is a full 60% smaller than a full-size backhoe loader. And that means access to jobsites too small for a conventional machine.

Plus, with a transport weight under 9,600 lbs, this is a skid steer backhoe that can be towed between jobsites without a CDL.

What are you waiting for? Arrange for a demo today.

A Quick Look at The JCB 1CTX Specs



The only backhoe on tracks, the JCB 1CXT delivers the performance and versatility of a backhoe loader in a compact package. The JCB 1CXT features a skid steer loader front end and a mini excavator on the dig end, for backhoe loader functionality and versatility.





The high-flow, 26.4 gpm auxiliary circuit enables operation of power-hungry attachments.





The JCB 1CXT offers more dig depth and reach, and greater loadover and dump height, than a conventional skid steer with a backhoe attachment.






The universal quick hitch accepts conventional skid steer attachments.






The tracked model is able to turn 360 degrees on axis. Combined with compact dimensions, the 1CXT is ideal for small work sites such as basements and confined urban locations.






The backhoe unit is integrated with the machine and stows within the machine’s height, for safe and simple transport from one job site to another.






The front loader of the 1CXT features a standard skid steer hitch and similar lift capacity to a 1,466 lb (665 kg) skid steer. However, the unique design delivers 25 percent greater dump angle and 15 percent more breakout. The loadover height is a lofty 8 feet 8 inches (2.65 m) on the 1CXT, allowing smooth loading into high-sided trucks.