JCB 270T Compact Track Loader

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JCB compact track loaders have earned their reputation for strength, and every model in the range is built tough to handle any application in any conditions. The large platform Hi-Viz JCB 270T compact track loader provides the operator with excellent visibility to the attachment. The JCB 270 is a vertical lift machine with a rated operating capacity of 3,995 lb and low center of gravity, making it well suited to demolition applications and the use of breakers and rock saws.


  • JCB compact track loaders are easy to service and require minimal maintenance for improved productivity and lower operating costs. All daily checks are performed at ground level and pre-filters, oil filters, and air filters are easy to access via a large rear service door.
  • At the foundation of every JCB compact track loader is a fully-welded chassis, mated to a solid undercarriage with cast steel, triple-flanged rollers for performance on demanding terrain.
  • The iconic JCB single-arm Powerboom boasts tapered pivot pins and 20 percent more steel than the twin-arms on conventional compact track loaders. This results in greater rigidity, less wear and improved retention of material in the bucket.
  • The quick hitch is constructed from high-tensile steel and features high-strength welds for longer life. For extra support and greater breakout force JCB compact track loaders have the largest quick hitch pivot pins in the industry.
  • JCB compact track loaders offer unrivaled operator comfort. On large-platform machines, JCB cabs are 33 percent larger than the competition.
  • All JCB compact track loaders feature a wide-opening side door for safe entry and exit. Operators no longer need to climb over large, slippery and awkward attachments, or under an unsupported boom. This also enables 60 percent better visibility around the machine than conventional twin-arm machines.
  • With no rear torque tube, operators also benefit from significantly improved rear visibility. JCB compact track loaders also offer unmatched visibility to the quick hitch and the cutting edge of the bucket, simplifying tasks such as changing attachments, loading trucks and working close to obstacles.
  • With versatile features and plenty of power, JCB compact track loaders set new standards for efficiency and productivity. All JCB compact track loaders are equipped with efficient engines that require no DEF, no DPF and no engine aftertreatment.
  • Unlike the cooling systems on conventional skid steers, JCB machines pull cool, clean air from above and force hot air out through the sides and rear, away from the operator.
  • All JCB compact track loaders feature an industry standard quick hitch for simple coupling to all JCB attachments and attachments from other manufacturers. On JCB large-platform machines, the standard hydraulic circuit is 24 gpm, with options for 31.7 gpm or 33 gpm available.


JCB 270T Specs

Engine modelEcoMAX TCAE-55
Displacement268 in³
Gross Horsepower74 hp
Torque295 lb/ft
Starter motor5.63 hp
Battery12 V
Alternator95 amps
Emission certificationEPA-T4F (EU St3B)
Engine oil service interval500 hrs
Variable speed hydraulically driven fanYES

Machine model270T
SAE Cab operating weight (no counterweight)11,003 lb
Rated operating capacity (ROC) 35% (no counterweight)2,723 lb
Rated operating capacity (ROC) 50% (no counterweight)3,995 lb
Tipping load – no counterweight7,990 lb
Loader lift capacity with shovel5,807 lbf
Bucket tilt breakout force6,543 lbf

Track Loader Hydraulic Performance270T
SAE Cab operating weight (no counterweight) lb11,003
Rated operating capacity (ROC) 35% (no counterweight) lb2,723
Tipping load – no counterweight lb7,990
Loader lift capacity with shovel lbf5,807
Bucket tilt breakout force lbf6,543

  • JCB Powerboom loader arm with lower profile for improved visibility and tapered pins for superior rigidity
  • Side-door entry for superior safety
  • Efficient 74 hp JCB EcoMAX T4F engine that requires no exhaust aftertreatment
  • 24 gpm (90 lpm) standard hydraulic circuit; optional 31.7 gpm (120 lpm) auxiliary high-flow circuit
  • 60 percent better visibility and up to 33 percent larger cab than competitors
  • Industry-leading ergonomics
  • Tilting cab for easy servicing and reduced downtime
  • Centralized tilt cylinder for improved breakout force and visibility to the attachment