JCB 457 Wheel Loader

Fort Collins: (970) 221-5296
Keenesburg: (303) 732-4321

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Operating Weight: 44,428 lb;
Standard Bucket Capacity: 4.6 cubic yds;
Maximum Engine Power: 258 HP

A quantum leap in power, productivity, efficiency, comfort, ease of use and safety. As such, it’s an investment that’s sure to prove a great business decision for you and your business.

  • The MTU 6R1000 470 cubic inch (7.7 Liter) engine fitted to the new JCB 457 produces a substantial 258hp of power, not to mention 848 lb-ft of torque.
  • Powerful twin variable displacement piston pump hydraulics can circulate a massive 81 gallons/ min for fast cycle times and excellent multifunctioning capability.
  • Specify your perfect loader arm: Z-bar linkage (ZX) for high breakout applications or high torque (HT) for parallel lifting and multi attachment work.
  • A smooth 4-speed transmission is fitted as standard, while an optional 5-speed unit makes operation even more slick, with closer gear ratios for improved acceleration, hill climbing and roading performance. The 5-speed gearbox also has torque convertor lock-up to eliminate losses, allowing faster cycle times and improved efficiency.
  • Controlling the loader is now easier than ever – all of the controls are seat-mounted. Select the control system that’s best for your operator; we offer single lever joystick or multi-lever configurations, both fully electro-hydraulic.
  • Air conditioning is a standard feature and there’s also the option of automatic climate control to create perfect working temperatures.
  • Most Tier 4 Final engines use a costly Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that can require replacement at the expense of both money and time. The MTU engine is DPF-free, reducing your servicing and running costs.


Engine Specs 457
Type MTU
Model 6R1000
Capacity 470 cu. In.
Aspiration Turbocharger
Cylinders 6
Max gross power 258 hp
Nett power 256 hp
Max torque 848 lb-ft
Valves per cylinder 4
Air cleaner Intergrated pre-cleaner, scavenged
Fan drive type Hydraulic
Emissions EPA 40 CFR 89 / Tier 4 Final

Overall length ft-in 27′ 11″
Axle to pivot pin ft-in 5′ 7″
Wheel base ft-in 10′ 10″
Axle to counterweight face ft-in 6′ 6″
Minimum ground clearance ft-in 1′ 7″
Height over exhaust ft-in 10′ 7″
Width over cab roof ft-in 5′ 3″
Max width over tires ft-in 8′ 10″
Wheel track ft-in 6′ 11″
Max width over fenders ft-in 9′ 0″
Height over cab roof and lowered beacon ft-in 11′ 3″
Height over raised beacon ft-in 12′ 5″
Front axle weight lbs 19491
Rear axle weight lbs 25779
Total weight lbs 45270
Inside turn radius ft-in 10′ 5″
Maximum turn radius over shovel ft-in 21′ 9″
Maximum turn radius over tire ft-in 19′ 4″

Hydraulic Specs 457
Pump type Variable displacement
Pump 1 max. flow gal/min (l/min) 40.42 (153)
Pump 1 max. pressure psi (bar) 3191 (220)
Pump 2 max. flow gal/min (l/min) 40.42 (153)
Pump 2 max. pressure psi (bar) 2466 (170)
Arms raise (full bucket) 5.8 Seconds
Shovel dump (full bucket) 1.2 Seconds
Arms lower (empty bucket) 4.1 Seconds
Total cycle 11.1 Seconds

Transmission Specs 4-Speed 457
Type ZF  
Model 4WG210  
  Forward Reverse
mph 3.7 4
mph 7.3 7.8
mph 13.9 14.6
mph 22.4