JCB Teleskid 2TS-7T Compact Track Loader

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Introducing the JCB small platform Teleskid. The JCB 2TS-7T is the world’s first and only small platform compact track loader with a telescoping boom, allowing you to lift higher, reach further and dig deeper than any competing machine.


  • Lift, place and dump loads to a height of 11 feet 10 inches
  • Reach 7 feet forward
  • Dig 2 feet below grade
  • Lift up to 2,096 lb with the boom retracted, or 1,140 lb with the boom fully extended
  • Apply the right attachments to get the job done, with standard hydraulic flow rate of 18.6 gpm and optional high-flow rate of 29.4 gpm
  • Operate from a cab that is 47 percent larger than the competition, with a side door for easy entry and exit
  • Enjoy 60 percent better visibility than conventional, twin-arm machines
  • Choose from the standard-fit cab with climate control, or the available canopy option

The Teleskid 2TS-7T is a compact track loader with a rated operating capacity of 2,096 lb (951 kg) with the boom retracted and 1,140 lb (517 kg) fully extended.

The telescopic boom allows the 2TS-7T to achieve a lift height of 11 feet 10 inches, allowing the operator to dump material or stack pallets and bales higher than before.

And with a full 7 feet of forward reach, operators can now load both sides of a flatbed trailer from one side, and reach over fences and other obstacles to place a load.

Like it’s bigger cousins, the Teleskid 3TS-8T and 3TS-8W, the compact 2TS-7T can dig below grade. Its 2 feet of dig depth allows the digging or clearing of drainage ditches, removal of stumps and roots and even mowing of downhill slopes.

The JCB Telskid 2TS-7T compact track loader is a high-spec machine equipped with self-leveling, a reversing fan, and air suspension seat and float. The 2TS is easy to service, with all the filters towards the rear of the machine for easy replacement when necessary.

A Kohler 74 hp engine delivers increased performance at low engine speed for improved cycle times, with no requirement for DEF or a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Teleskid offers greater tractive force and pushing power than a small telehandler or forklift, and breakout force that rivals many bigger machines.

The JCB Teleskid 2TS-7T delivers 11 feet 10 inches of lift height in a compact machine. It’s great for smaller work sites and confined spaces, such as barns, sheds and gardens, where you need to lift loads or stack material higher. The forward reach of 7 feet gives you the ability to reach further than any other skid steer in the market.


JCB 2TS-7T Specs

Engine model (2TS-7T)KDI 2504 TCR
Displacement152 in³
Gross power (SAE J1995)74 hp @ 2,600 RPM)
Gross torque @ 1,200 RPM195 lb/ft
Emission certificationEPA-T4F
Engine oil service interval hours500
Variable speed, hydraulically-driven fanYES

Overall length ft-in11-1014-1
Wheelbase ft-in6-3
Angle of departure degrees286-3
Overall height ft-in6-76-7
Dump height ft-in7-67-6
Crowd height ft-in13-915-5
Loadover height ft-in9-410-10
Height to hinge pin fully raised ft-in10-212-0
Reach ft-in3-76-11
Max. reach @ full height ft-in3.24-11
Reach @ full height – fully dumped ft-in2-03-8
Dig depth – toe plate horizontal clearance in211.7
Dig depth – toe plate vertical clearance in33.543.3
Rollback @ ground degrees3131
Dump angle degrees3636
Max. rollback angle degrees9898
Bucket width – standard ft-in5-115-11
Width over tires – standard ft-in5-65-6
Length without attachment ft-in9-29-2
Ground clearance in9.09.0

Model2TS – 7T
Pump Flow18.6 gpm @ 2,740 rpm
Main relief pressure3,335 psi
HYD HP low flow25.1 hp
HYD HP high flow33.2 hp
Optional high flow29.4 gpm

jcb-teleskid-2ts-7t-3The JCB Teleskid features the same unique, wide-opening side entry door for which JCB skid steer and compact track loaders are known. Not only is the JCB door up to twice the size of the competition, making it more comfortable to use, but it makes JCB the safest skid steer on the market. The JCB Teleskid telescopic Powerboom enables an exceptional 270 degrees of vision from the operator position.

jcb-teleskid-2ts-7t-1 Whether you choose the standard-fit, climate-controlled cab or the available canopy option, the operator environment in a JCB Teleskid 2TS-7T is 47 percent larger than the competition. And with the standard-fit fully adjustable, heated air-suspension seat, Teleskid is in a class of its own for operator comfort. Electric over hydraulic controls, optional switchable ISO/H-pattern controls, a 7-way multi-function joystick all work together to deliver unrivaled control.