Massey Ferguson DM 287 Disc Mower

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Every farmer and rancher has different needs. So no matter the size of your tractor or how tough and uneven your terrain, the economical Massey Ferguson Farmer Series disc mowers will provide smooth cutting, low maintenance and the kind of reliability you demand.

DM 287 Disc Mower Specs
Working width ft.9′ 3″
Swath width ft.6′ 7″
Transport height ft.11′ 10″
Cutterbar typeSpur gear
Blades per disc2
Disc speed3,000 RPM
Tip speed179 mph
Power requirement60 HP
Hydraulic requirement1 SAV
PTO speed540 RPM
Overrunning clutchStandard
Weight lbs.1,047


CONCERNED ABOUT ROCK DAMAGE TO YOUR CUTTERBAR? No problem. The cutterbar is equipped with a roll/shear pin for every disc that will break outside of the cutterbed, preventing any internal damage and eliminating contamination of the oil bath.

THE SPRING LOADED ANTICOLLISION BREAK-AWAY SYSTEM allows the mower to pivot rearward if the mower comes in contact with an immovable object. This gives the operator time to stop the tractor before serious damage can occur.

EXTREMELY FLAT, LOW-PROFILE SPUR GEAR DESIGN achieves a clean cutting pattern even on difficult terrain. With its sealed common oil bath, you won’t waste time checking and refilling each individual module like you do with other disc mowers.