Sunflower Chisel Plows

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Sunflower Chisel Plows 2510 and 2530

Sunflower chisel plows help to break up shallow to mid-level compaction and the resulting clods, for better water management and reduced root resistance. They have the design, balance and load tolerance to keep the tool in the ground at a set depth. The shank spacing is close enough to ensure full shatter and the frame design and shank placement allows for clear flow of material while discouraging build-up. Finally, Sunflower chisel plow offer the finishing attachments that break up clods and level the surface.

2510 Chisel Plows: Uniform And Consistent
Working Widths From 13′ To 17′

The Sunflower 2510 delivers a uniform and consistent result by using one of two shank options: a 650 pound or 1,000 pound point load, with 12- or 15-inch shank spacing.

• The tool stays balanced with walking tandems at all wheel lift locations.
• Shank depth control is precise across the width of the tool.

2530 Chisel Plows: For Tough And Compacted Fields
Working Widths From 19′ To 47′

The Sunflower 2530 is the largest chisel plow we build. Its high performance is due to the heavy-duty, 4 x 4-inch all-welded 140-inch-deep frame to maintain shank and point position, affording exceptional material flow-through.

• The 2530 Series features walking tandems at all wheel locations, providing frame stability. That stability maintains the frame height to keep the chisel points at a set depth no matter how rolling the terrain may be.
• The level-lift tongue comes as standard equipment, while the ground contour–following floating-hitch frame configuration is available as optional equipment.


Model Working Width ft Transport Width ft Transport Height ft Weight lbs Power Requirements
2510 Chisel Plows 13′ to 17′ 13′ 6″ to 17′ 1″ 6′ 8″ 6,289 to 7,456 10 to 15 hp per shank
2530 Chisel Plows 19′ to 47′ 14′ 1″ to 19′ 2″ 9′ 9″ to 16′ 6″ 8,652 to 19,350 10 to 15 hp per shank

  • Walking Tandems Walking tandems are available on all models 30 feet and larger, allowing the machine to follow ground contouring precisely, maintaining a consistent shank depth and soil shatter. The walking tandem pivots on a set of greaseable tapered roller bearings for smooth, long-lasting service. Zerk-equipped six-bolt hubs and heavy-duty 2-inch slip-in spindles feature triple-lip seals.
  • Rephasing Hydraulic-Lift System with Single-Point Depth Control The rephasing hydraulic-lift system features two 4 x 8-inch cylinders with hydraulic stroke control and matching 3 3/4 x 8-inch slave cylinders.
  • Spring-Cushion Shanks Spring-cushion shanks are available in two pressure settings (650 and 1000 pounds) to handle all types of chiseling and have 11 inches of vertical travel to clear obstructions. The edge-bent shanks feature 30 inches (1000 pounds) or 32 inches (650 pounds) of under-frame clearance and measure 1 1/4 x 2 inches.
  • Adjustable Hitch Ratchet-jack adjustment allows easy and precise leveling of the frame from front to rear.