Sunflower Disc Harrows

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Whatever your soil type or tillage practice, the Sunflower disc harrow is your best choice for rugged, reliable performance. Give your seeds, your crop, your farm, the best shot at success. Choose Sunflower.

The Sunflower Disc Harrow Product Line: 1212 » 1234 » 1436 » 1444 » 1544 » 1550 » 1710 » 1810 » 1830


  • Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs All but the heaviest-duty Sunflower discs feature staggered overlapping disc gangs, one of the keys to level discing. The overlapped placement of the front gangs cuts all of the ground cleanly, while the staggered rear gangs return the soil in a crisscross pattern.
  • Front-Mounted Gauge Wheels The gauge wheel prevents the front corner gang of the wing frame from cutting deeper than the other gangs. Front-mounted gauge wheels help create a level, ridge-free field. Sunflower positions the gauge wheels toward the outside edge of the frame, greatly enhancing the wheels’ ability to control the wing and helps eliminate ridging.(Featured on all winged units except 1700 and 1800 Series.)
  • Trunnion-Mounted Bearings Sunflower’s maintenance-free, trunnion-mounted bearings provide positive alignment and eliminate side-loading of the bearings. Metal washers protect the seals from being damaged by material wrapping around the gang shaft. Trunnion-mounted bearings constantly realign as the C-Flex bearing standards move and absorb shock from uneven ground.(Featured on all except 1700 and 1800 Series.)
  • C-Flex Bearing Standards All but the heaviest-duty Sunflower discs feature angled C-Flex bearing standards that absorb disc gang shock created by stumps, rocks and normal discing, thereby extending the life of bearings, spools and disc blades. The angled design of the C-Flex standards centers the arm between the disc blades, promoting even residue flow to avoid buildup between the arm and blades.(Featured on all except 1700 and 1800 Series.)
  • Walking Tandems The walking beam pivot assemblies consist of two tapered roller bearings with triple-lipped seals for longer service life. For ease of service and strength, the wheel spindles of all configurations—dual, tandem or triples—slip into the spindle tube welded into the walking beam. (Featured on all except 1212 series.)


Model Working Width ft Transport Width ft Transport Height ft Est. Weight lbs Weight per ft of Cut lbs Power Requirements
1212 10′ 6″ to 14′ 7″ 11′ 4″ to 15′ 5″ N/A 3,978 to 5,069 337 to 398 8 to 10 hp/ft
1234 18′ 11″ to 32′ 8″ < 13′ to <16′ 10′-2″ to 15′-4″ 9,829 to 17,098 517 to 534 8 to 10 hp/ft
1436 20′ 8″ to 35′ 4″ 13′ 6″ to 17′ 6″ 60 – 90 15,189 to 22,511 650 to 730 10 to 12 hp/ft
1444 30′ 6″ to 40′ 18′ 2″ to 19′ 9″ 12′ 1″ to 15′ 4″ 17,506 to 23,865 556 to 597 10 to 12 hp/ft
1544 42′ to 44′ 9″ 22′ 2″ 14′ 7″ to 15′ 8″ 27,200 to 28,975 644 to 648 10 to 12 hp/ft
1550 46′ 9″ to 49′ 6″ 18′ 2″ 13′ 11″ 31,302 to 33,300 666 10 to 12 hp/ft
1710 and 1730 11′ 0″ to 24′ 11″ 12′ 7″ to 18′ 7′ 0″ to 14′ 7″ 10,329 to 22,860 299 to 441 12 to 15 hp/ft
1710HD 11′ 9″ 12′ 9″ 8′ 4″ 14,956 1,273 20 to 25 hp/ft
1810 and 1830 14′ 4″ to 39′ 13′ 6′ to 19′ 10″ 7′ 0″ to 17′ 9″ 11,152 to 38,425 333 to 635 12 to 15 hp/ft

Sunflower Disc Harrows

sunflower-1212-disc-harrow-300Sunflower 1212 Tandem Disc Harrow
The 1212 Is Tough, Heavy And Capable Of Performing Primary And Finish Discing Operations.

• Working Widths From 10’6″ To 14’7″
• Available in rigid models only, the 1212 matches tractor horsepower in the range of 110 and lower.
• With the exception of gauge wheels and wings, the 1212 has all of the same outstanding features as all Sunflower discs.
• This tandem disc harrow features 335 to 396 pounds per foot of cut.

sunflower-1234-disc-harrow-300Sunflower 1234 Three-Section Tandem Disc Harrow
A medium weight disc, the 1234 handles primary through finish discing operations. It
provides uniform tillage regardless of terrain, discing depth, and soil condition.

• Working Widths From 18’11” To 32’8″
• An all-welded frame features even weight distribution for uniform penetration.
• Three flexible sections assure that rough, rolling and terraced ground will be tilled evenly and smoothly.
• Large tires provide excellent flotation, unmatched depth control and the base for level discing.
• Overlapping disc gangs prevent ridging in the center.
• Self-leveling hitch simplifies leveling the disc from front to rear.
• Front-mounted depth control adjusts the operating depth of the entire machine.

sunflower-1436-disc-harrow-3001436, 1436NT Three-Section Flexible Disc Harrows
The standard of performance to break through heavy residue with more weight per
foot: 625–660 pounds.

• Working Widths From 18’9″ To 38’2″
• As a well-balanced disc harrow, the level lift frame, walking tandems and gauge wheels are standard equipment.
• Aligned walking tandems give the disc more control.
• For ease of use, the patented split-wing design allows a 13’6″ transport height, the industry’s lowest for tools exceeding 33 feet working widths.
• With an exceptionally balanced design, the 1436 can accommodate heavier finishing attachments.
• There’s no need to adjust the fore/aft level moving from field to transport and back to field.
• The 1436NT (narrow transport) series delivers big performance that transports at less than 10 feet wide.

sunflower-1444-disc-harrow1444 Four-Section Disc Harrows
The 1444 provides unmatched ground-hugging capabilities in rolling terrain
or terraced ground.

• Working Widths From 30’6″ To 40′
• Further enhancing performance in uneven terrain, a unique linkage system allows each half of the unit to function independently, not only from side to side, but also from front to rear.
• The four-section frame also provides unmatched performance and the extra protection needed in rocky soils.
• With service-free wing hinges, lifts and gang bearings, the 1444 is designed to save time and increase productivity.
• Narrow tongue allows a shorter turning radius.
• Independent front-to-rear leveling is simple with conveniently located self-leveler.
• Single-point depth control on each center section allows easy setting of implement depth for optimum performance.
• Walking tandems on the wings and center sections are standard equipment.
• Capable of primary through finish discing operations.

sunflower-1544-disc-harrow1544 Four-Section Disc Harrows
Built for today’s large-acreage discing, with features to enhance performance and
save time.

• Working Widths From 42′ To 44’9″
• The 1544 includes single-point, front-mounted depth controls and improved clearance, both in the field and on the road.
• Six pairs of walking tandems provide excellent weight distribution and flotation.
• Maintenance-free features include service-free disc gang bearings and UHMW bearings in frame lift and fold systems.
• Exclusive four-section design is unmatched in rolling terrain or terraces.
• Each half of the disc is leveled independently with the self-leveler.

sunflower-1550-disc-harrow1550 Five-Section Flexible Disc Harrows
The Sunflower 1550 Series Five-Section Flexible Disc Harrows can cover more
than 30 acres per hour at normal operating speed.

• Working Widths From 47′ To 50′
• With aggressive 18 degree gang angles, full-concavity 24-inch disc blades, and weight per foot of 665 pounds — or 230 plus pounds per blade — the 1550 attacks the toughest soil, field and residue conditions.
• Maintenance-free features include service-free disc gang bearings and UHMW bearings in frame lift and fold systems.
• Upper and lower dual pivots designed into the wing hinges mean a lower wing flex point when working in the field. This lower pivot position allows more downward flex than the competitors’ discs and enables it to hug the ground without gouging or ridging the field.
• The upper wing pivot position of the duplex hinge allows the 1550 to fold compactly for narrow transport.
• The 1550 is further augmented by another Sunflower exclusive: walking triple tandems. This revolutionary design puts three tires rather than two in a walk-over tandem set. The walking triple design increases the load capacity 50 percent over a two-tire carriage and provides excellent stability on the road.

sunflower-1710-1730-disc-harrows1710 And 1730 Offset Disc Harrows
Featuring large-diameter, full-concavity blades and some of the industry’s highest weights per blade—an average of 400 pounds per blade—the 1700 series is designed to penetrate packed soils, as well as the thickly matted crop residue that comes with today’s high-yielding, genetically modified crop varieties.

• Working Widths From 11′ To 24’11”
• The series includes two models built specifically for the construction industry, both with self-leveling, all-welded frames and 12.5L x 15 tires.
• Equipped with rigid or spring-cushioned gang with 5/16-inch-thick plain or notched disc blades, available in 28- or 30-inch diameters.
• The blade spacings are 11 or 13 inches, depending on the model, and all the gangs are supported by 1 15/16-inch gang shafts.

sunflower-1810-1830-disc-harrows1810 and 1830 Heavy-Duty Tandem Disc Harrows
Designed for professional farmers who need a heavy tandem disc harrow for residue management, the 1800 Series features large-diameter blades and sufficient weight to cut through hard-packed soils and thickly matted material.

• Working Widths From 14’4″ To 39′
• Larger blades, wider blade spacing and massive frames combine to produce an industry-leading 506-pound average weight per blade.
• Models are available in widths from 14 to 18 feet in rigid single or three-section flexibility from 22- to 39-feet wide to maximize the productivity of the largest tractors.
• Self-leveling all-welded frame
• 11- or 13-inch blade spacing
• 28- or 30-inch disc blades
• Plain or notched disc blades
• Rigid or spring-cushion disc gang assemblies
• 8-Bolt hubs