WOODS Batwing BW15 Dual Wing Rotary Cutter

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The BW15 Series is ideal for cutting tall grasses and saplings up to 2 ½ inches in diameter. Here are just a few features exclusive to Woods that rotary cutter users like you told us were important in our 15-foot series.

  • New patent-pending driveline lift assistance system makes it easy to hook up. Standard on all models.
  • Rounded wings easily maneuver around obstacles and slice through tall brush while the curved leading edge shrugs off impact.
  • New gearbox seal technology reduces leaks and downtime and is backed by our six-year gearbox warranty, which includes the seals.
  • A steel tube around the perimeter absorbs shock and creates a stronger, longer-lasting machine.
  • Chain shielding is integrated with the frame to prevent damage.
  • Greasable Quick-Change blade pins are easy to remove.


Woods BW15 Specs
Tractor PTO HP45-200
Cutting Height2″ – 15″
Cut Capacity (inches)2.5″ dia
Cutting Width (inches) 126″ / 180″
Blade Tip Speed 15,000 fpm at 540 rpm
Weight4,340 lbs
Tongue Weight 1,200 lbs
Center Deck / Wing Deck 10 gauge
Side Skirt Thickness1/4″
Side Skirt Depth13″
Transport Width96″
Stump Jumperround
Flex90° up / 22° down
Driveline RatingCAT 6 CV main CAT 4 wing
Splitter Gearbox Rating 210 hp
Wings Gearbox Rating 200 hp
Output Shaft Size 2″ dia
Gearbox Warranty6 years