Woods RBS84P Rear Blade

Woods RBS84P Rear Blade
Tractor Engine HP 20-45 hp
Tractor hitch Cat 1
Working width 84″
Approximate weight 308 lbs
Moldboard height 15″
Moldboard thickness 1/4″ (grade 80 steel)
Reversible Cutting Edge Dimensions 1/2″ x 6″
Pivot angle Forward – 5 @ 15°, Reverse – 5 @ 15°
Tilt up to 15°
Offset up to 12″ left or right
End plates optional
Skid shoes optional
ASABE Quick Hitch Compatible yes
Parking Stand optional

Sales: 970-825-0052


Woods RBS84P Rear Blade is ideal for grading dirt or gravel, cleaning up construction sites and moving snow.
84-inch moldboard length
Three-point hitch: Cat 1
Tractor Engine HP: 20-45 hp
Tilt up to 15°
Offset up to 12” left or right
Reversible, bolt-on cutting edge
Optional skid shoes, parking stand and end plates
ASABE quick-hitch compatibility

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