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Woods’ line of rotary tillers couples the best design features with outstanding performance. Our tillers will handle your landscaping and gardening projects with ease.

Superior design, durability and style are built into every Woods tiller – especially our 30- and 40-series. The double-flange blade support design and efficient, low-maintenance gear drive are just two innovations that earned our 30- and 40-series rotary tillers the 2017 ASABE Award for outstanding innovations in product and systems technology.

  • Woods’ innovative double flange design strengthens blade support and simplifies maintenance.
  • Robust gear-driven side drive provides years of reliable service and requires far less maintenance than chain-driven units.
  • Heat-treated, C-shaped tines penetrate deep, even in thick residue and loose, compacted or rocky soil.
  • Tapered tailgate removes furrow for a finished seedbed.
  • Adjustable skid shoes provide easy depth control.
  • Sturdy tubular integrated parking stand for easy storage and setup.
  • 3-year warranty on input gearbox (includes seals).

Reverse rotation tillers work best in non-rocky soil conditions. They deliver a smoother top layer of soil by allowing ground cover to travel over the rotor top first, then incorporating it back into the ground beneath a fresh new layer of dirt. More often than not, users can achieve an exceptional seed bed with fewer passes when using a reverse rotation tiller.


Model RTR48.30 RTR60.40 RTR72.40
Tractor PTO HP Range 15 – 35 hp 18 – 40 hp20 – 50 hp
Tractor HitchLimited CAT 1 & CATCAT 1CAT 1
Working Width (inches)47″59″ 71″
Overall Width (inches)57″69″81″
Weight508 lbs 578 lbs630 lbs
Maximum Tilling Depth 7″ 7″ 7″
Drive Typegearboxgearboxgearbox
Number of Tines / Number of Flanges24 / 6 28 / 7 36 / 9
Number of Tines per Flange 4 C-type 4 C-type 4 C-type
Rotor Speed 210 rpm 210 rpm 210 rpm
Tractor PTO Speed 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
PTO Driveline Protection slip clutchslip clutch slip clutch
Gearbox Housingcast ironcast ironcast iron
Gearbox Drain Plug yes yes yes
Quick-hitch Compatible yes yesyes