WOODS S20CD Flail Shredder

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$19,500 and Ready To Deal! Tear through your toughest crop residue with the leader in Flail Shredders

  • 247-inch cutting width crop cutter
  • Minimum Tractor HP: 120 hp
  • Three massive tubular beams support the shredder body of this flail mower, for increased strength and reduced vibration
  • Shredder drive protected by either a 24,000 lbs. inch overrunning disc clutch or a 30,000 lbs. inch overrunning automatic clutch
  • High capacity gearbox with large oil volume reduces heat buildup, extending the stalk chopper’s bearing and gear life
  • This crop shredder has a specially designed oil seal protectors prevent vines from encasing and damaging gearbox oil seals
  • 12.75-inch diameter flail tubes with spiral mounted knives feature increased rigidity for smoother operation
  • Optional end-tow transport hitch to easily move the flail shredder to the next job.


Woods S20CD Flail Shredder $19,500 Ready To Deal
PTO Horsepower 120 – 300 hp
Working width 247″
Cutting height 2″ – 14″
Approximate weight 5,038 lbs
Tractor Engine HP 120 hp minimum
Tractor PTO speed 1,000 rpm
Gearbox rating 300 hp
Gearbox warranty 5 years – limited
Hitch type 3-point, 2-point (semi-mounted), or pull (pintle)
3-point hitch Cat 2 & 3
Driveline size Cat 6
Driveline system Disc or automatic clutch
Knife options 6mm L-knives, 8mm HD-Cotton (Duraface) L-knives or 11-inch cup knives
Knife retention pattern Bolt-on (no D-rings)
Knife speed 133 mph
Knife tip speed 11,700 fpm
Flail tube speed 1,350 rpm
Flail tube diameter (O.D.) 12.75
Flail tube bearing diameter 2 – 3 / 16″
Hood Type Smooth, trilateral shape
Hood/deck thickness .18″ (optional wearliner available)
End plate thickness .25″
Shielding Rubber belting or flaps
Wheel arm types Rigid strut or caster