Used Goweil LT Master Baler/Wrapper Combo

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The LT-Master is THE baler-wrapper combination for round bales. This is because it can turn almost any chopped material into perfectly pressed and wrapped round bales – whether it be corn silage, CCM, alfalfa, hemp, sugar beet cossettes, mixed feed and various other materials. Numerous factors must be taken into account in order to achieve premium silage quality.

Not only is a high degree of feed compression important, but also a clean production process and the quick exclusion of air, and the LT-Master unifies these factors perfectly. Call For Pricing.

MACHINE SET-UP: A tremendous plus! The machine is ready for operation within three minutes.
HIGH COMPACTION: The high compression strength compacts the material to a minimal volume. This helps save valuable storage space.
FAST AND AGILE: The pivoting drawbar can swivel up to 30° to either side. This provides for a tight turning radius and also allows the machine to be powered from either side.
NO DISTANCE TOO FAR: The 50 mph chassis allows you to quickly reach any jobsite – whether you travel by truck or tractor.
PERFECTLY LIT: The LED lighting system keeps the LT-Master perfectly lit even if you have to work at night.
ALWAYS PLENTY OF FILM IN STOCK: Thanks to its hydraulically folding film storage that holds up to 18 rolls of film, the LT-Master is ideally suited for even the longest workdays.

Materials suitable for baling:

  • OTHER MATERIALS(game feed, vegetable leftovers, sugar cane, cracked corn, apple remnants, and straw)


Transport position Work position
Weight: 35,120 lbs 35,120 lbs
Length: 38′ 45′ 9″
Width: 8′ 4″ 17′
Height: 13′ 2″ 13′ 2″
Bale diameter: 24″ – 48″

Additional Features:

  • Twin wrapping arm
  • Dual binding unit for net and film
  • On-board hydraulic system with oil cooler
  • Hydraulic belt pre-tensioning
  • Refeed to prevent possible crumbling losses
  • Integrated feeder
  • Hydraulically actuated wrapping table
  • 4 bale conveyor belts including belt guide and 2 bale guide rollers
  • Bale drop towards the front via hydraulic bale delivery ramp
  • Height-adjustable drawbar
  • Film stretching unit 20” and 30” combined with overlap adjustment
  • Automatic film cutting and holding system
  • Film monitoring unit
  • Single-film mode
  • Tandem axle chassis
  • Hydraulically lowerable film storage for up to 18 rolls of film
  • LED work lights
  • Variable bale size (only for film binding)
  • Camera system
  • Water injection for bale chamber
  • Additional radio remote control for bale deposit
  • Automatic central lubrication system for oil and grease
  • Fully automatic program control