WOODS RC6 Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

RC6 Single-spindle Cutter 
Cutting width6 ft
PTO Horsepower21 hp minimum
Tractor hitchCat 1 / cantilevered
Cut Height2 – 9″
Cutting capacity1″
ASABE Quick Hitch Compatible50 hp
Blade tip speed14,340 fpm
Deck side depth7″
Approximate weight575 lbs
Blade dimensions.5 x 3″
Blade Carrier / Stump Jumperoval stump jumper
Tailwheel4 x 16″ laminated
Driveline protectionshear-bolt or slip-clutch
Frame & deck support3/8″ rails
Tractor PTO540 rpm
Quick hitch compatibleyes
Belting / Bandingbelt standard / chain shielding optional
Warranty1 year cutter / 3 years gearbox

Sales: 970-825-0052


Large supply of mowers in stock.
6-foot Single-spindle Cutter
Three-point hitch: Cat 1
Tractor HP Minimum: 21 hp
Cutting capacity up to 1-inch
Strong, fabricated tail wheel assembly with solid, laminated tire
Optional chain shielding
Optional bolt-on replaceable skid shoes for longer wear
Three-year gearbox limited warranty